Creator:  {GZ}Vendetta

The Basics:  Based on the movie that started it all comes the custom zombie version that will force you to survive the horrors of Jigsaw plus the zombie apocalypse. Will Jigsaw’s traps kill you first, will the zombies eat you OR will you find a way to make it out alive? Are you ready to play a game?

What we liked:  From the very first room you will notice that this map looks and feels like the Saw movies and the further you progress through the map the more this will become apparent. There are even traps located around the map which is going to mean that you will more than likely kill yourself a few times before you figure the map out. 

What we didn’t like: I wish there were more than stock guns and perks but it wasn’t to be. Also, I’m sure that the mapper learned a lot while he made this and it would be nice if he expanded on this idea to make it better. While the map does feel like it belongs in the Saw universe it feels like it could be done even better it the mapper spent more time on it. More areas, better textures and more creative traps would have been nice to see.

The final word: It’s always fun to see maps that go after a theme and in this case a movie. It was a very good effort and truly captured the experience, but it felt more like Saw 4 or 5 than the first and best Saw film it was going for. Definitely worth a play through especially around the Halloween season.


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