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Creator: This map was made by the legendary and unfortunately retired mapper named JV.

The Basics: I have too much respect for this map to make up a BS story so here is the real explanation:

“It’s all over the news.
Four Marines have been sent on a mysterious mission to a Laboratory Facility called “X-Laboratories”,
Which is highly damaged because of unknown reasons.
This is the story of these four Marines.
Watch the World in their eyes, watch and reveal how it all happend.
Or are you gonna watch the Hell in their eyes?
Are you planning to Escape this huge Laboratory while a realm of undead Scientists
and Laboratory Workers are Rising from the ground…
…Or will you end up like them?”

What we liked: The whole map. I love to camp and this map demands that you love camping too. Everything looks amazing and detailed to perfection. There is a huge elaborate easter egg to complete which will allow you to escape the lab and there are a ton of doors to unlock along the way. One of the, if not the most impressive and complete maps to ever come of for custom zombies. A true masterpiece in every sense of the word.

What we didn’t like: I’ve never seen anyone play this map any differently than camping it the teleporters which makes it feel a bit one dimensional at times. Also, you have to be standing in the perfect spot in the teleporter or else you won’t get the indicator to teleport and you will die…over and over and over again.

The final word: Play this map and bring friends, you will have a great time and your life will be given new meaning and purpose.

Screen Shot

Screen Shot

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