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Creator: CreepersAreEpic (Ping998)

The Basics: Shortly after the events of Discovery Island a team of highly trained soldiers has been sent to some ancient ruins to investigate a supposed element 115 sighting…WFT, am I reading the same script that’s been used for like 300+ custom zombie maps? Screw this, I’m writing my own version. 
That old crazy bastard, Walt Disney, setup theme parks to attract young children and began kidnapping them and harvesting their brains in his underground lab where he’d then hook up all the brains to a machine and use their combined happy thoughts to summon a powerful alien entity to take him with them and give him eternal life and their own planet and 72 virgins and a truck load of blow.

What We Like: I’ve really liked all of the maps I’ve played by CreepersAreEpic, both Bunbury and Discovery Island were fun maps. This map looks better than both of its predecessors with a better, more fun layout and good use of heights as there are ramps, tunnels in the sky and underground areas which all take you around the map where everything connects in a pretzel-like shape. There are tons of guns from COD4 all the way to Advanced Warfare so you are sure to find something you like. Once again there are no wall weapons so every gun must be purchased from the mystery box; I think that is a really cool idea which seem to be a trend on all Creeper’s maps. There are 10 hidden switches to location and each of them unlock a perk machine location, the PAP machine and the buyable ending location hidden in an underground cavern. There are also 3 hidden teddy bears and 3 soul chests to fill to give you some extra optional things to do.

What We Didn’t Like: Regarding the objective – these are the exact same objective that the mapper has used in each of his previous maps with really no variation. It isn’t that it’s not fun, but it’s not creative in the least. The only reason to play this map over the previous ones would be newer guns and a new layout to run around in. There were quite a few places on the map that I could train zombies very easily and after just a couple rounds I knew all the zombie spawn locations and could run the map with my eyes closed (more-or-less); even areas with tall grass seemed surprisingly easy to navigate. 

Final Word: This map does look better than the mapper’s previous two offerings but in the end it suffers from being too easy and feeling like you’ve done all this too many times before. Overgrowth is a fun, relaxing map and depending on how forgiving you are may offer enough to convince you to see it through to the end but the lack of difficulty or anything new and fresh may mean that you never come back to it again.


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