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Created by: MakeCents & Tudark

The Basics: They thought they developed an endless source of safe power from things found floating in space. They created the GRAVITRON, which seemed to emit harmless radiation… or so they thought. After the accidental death on the station they found out different. That worker didn’t stay dead… The scientist attempted to lock it up in Sector 9 and escape to earth, but they didn’t know they and the entire earth were already infected. Three of the scientist teleported to earth while one stayed back to disable the space station. Little did they know what we know now. We must reverse the GRAVITRON. This should cure the earth and stop the infection from growing.
First power up the teleporters and then go retrieve the keycards from where the scientist teleported and unlock sector 9. We can’t access Sector 9 without them. Then reverse the GRAVITRON. It’s up to you…

What We Liked: This map looks straight out of a science fiction universe. It feels like the best parts of Halo and Event Horizon packaged into one kickass zombie map. Wall weapon locations, perk location and your own starting location and starting gun are all randomized so you don’t know where you are going to start or what gear you are going to have. There is no way to prepare for this map each time you play and that’s one of the things that makes it both scary and absolutely replayable.

Everything is custom on this map: custom textures, enemies, weapons & perk machines. It’s all custom and it’s all beautiful. There is also an objective to complete which will require you to teleport to different planets – WTF, can it get much better than this?

What We Didn’t Like: If I had to subtract points from this map anywhere it would be because the main rooms of the map are separated be a series of long hallways and all those hallways feel the same. If you are playing with friends you probably won’t even notice this, but playing solo it may feel a bit repetitive early on.

Final Word: Friends, this map is impressive without a double. Perfect? No, but it was such a massive and ambitious undertaking that it demands that we stand and take notice of everything that it does right and by the time you count up all those things you’ll forget about the things you didn’t like. Play this NOW!

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Written by mediaguru

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