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 MediaFire Link1) Download the T4M Mod Tool.2)  Extract the d3d9.dll file from the T4M r42.1 [Release] RAR file and place the d3d9.dll file in your root directory of your World at War.You can find your root folder at Program Files 86x / Steam / Steam Apps / Common / Call of Duty World at War


Mapped by: Weezy428, Scripted by: Treminaor

The Basics: Explore this city of death and see what secrets await you. Access the gun shop, upgrade a turret, purchase an electric or fire trap, grab a few drinks and hold down the bar as long as you can, see how many places that you can use PhD and don’t forget to use all of the mutators that are available at the main menu to change up the gameplay.

What We Liked: The map looks really good with a high level of detail as well as a ton or effort going into the layout and making the use of vertical space a big part of the gameplay. Most buildings that you can enter have places on the roof to jump off of and run to safety making the buildings here useful and not deathtraps.

There is a fun objective that I came up with which has you using almost every area of the map and gives you a purpose past just seeing how long before you get eaten.

The map also uses the new UGX Mod V1.1 with it’s unique weapons set, the Elemental PAP, the trap locker, crazy mutators and alternate game modes like Arcade Mode, Gun Game and Sharpshooter.

What We Didn’t like: There are some textures that could have used some blending and the objectives are fun but not ground breaking either.

Final Word: I’d encourage people to play this with Arcade Mode rather than Classic; there is a badass boss that spawns in every few rounds and there are unique UGX drops that replace the traditional Treyarch ones and add to the feeling of a truly unique experience.

What do you think?

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