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Creator: Another map made by the mad scientist mapper Agrand.

The Basics: You are stuck on the Moon and zombies want to eat your face and swallow your soul. You need to make your way through this space station from hell and figure out how to escape before the flying hellhounds tear you limb from limb.

What we liked: The low gravity is super fun. Watching the hellhounds jump in the air and fly around to get to you is amazing. The space station is really well designed and a lot of fun to run through and around. There is an easter egg which consists of switches to buy in order to locate the space ship that you will take home if you can survive long enough.

What we didn’t like: It’s fun to open up everything in the space station, but then you have three 10k switches to buy and then the space ship costs 40k. After you open everything up you are still going to have to run circles for the next 10 rounds in order to buy your way home. It’s fun for a while but it’s overkill.

The final word: A fun map for a while but not really worth seeing it through until the end. If the switches would have been 5k each and the ship cost 20k that would have felt about right. It’s best just to see how long you can survive running and jumping through the space station because that’s where the fun is really at.

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