Creator: JBird632

The Basics: Lockdown is JBird’s sequel to his previous map Overrun, and in Lockdown you find yourself in a facility in Warsaw Poland where you must fight your way through in order to put a stop to the zombie infestation once and for all.

What We Like: For starters the map looks great and is very well detailed. The layout of the map is good and you can tell the mapper put lots of effort into making it a fun experience. There are multiple buildables on the map including a buildable wonderweapon and buyable ending with hidden parts scattered all over the map for you to search for. It’s got a custom HUD, Kino style teleporter and claymores on the wall as well.  It’s got a good variety of perks and a ton of Modern Warfare, Modern Warfare 2, Black Ops, Black Ops 2 Weapons all of which can be PAPed. The zombies have custom skins and there is lots of rain and lightning effects to add to the atmosphere.

What We Didn’t Like: No real complaints here. Depending on how fast you are able to find all the parts for the buildables you may think the experience is too short. The buyable ending feels a bit steep and if it happens to take you a long time to find all the parts you may feel like you got kicked in the junk when you see how much it’s going to cost you to win the map.

Final Word: The map looks great, plays well, has lots of fun weapons to use and with the buildables and lack of easy areas to train JBird has made a map that is a very complete and satisfying zombie slaying experience.


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