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“The sea should have claimed it – but nothing stays buried for long. This chapter in the Zombies legacy will explore the story of Leviathan, as players dive deep down to the ocean floor with the task of uncovering what happened to the underwater facility. The map includes a variety of weapons and equipment and is the closest blackops 1 you will get in world at war. Along with many features unique to the zombie scene and that’s just the beginning. Remember to hold your breath, you don’t want to drown.” – Leviathan Build Team: Jbird632, RadimaX, Awesome Pieman, HexZombies

If you need a walkthrough of all the steps to the objectives here it is from FrankytheMonkey, accept no substitutes:

– Underwater Base and Environment
– Underwater Realism, low gravity and drowning
– Long Elaborate easteregg and background story
– Excavators which kills you or the enemy
– PES system which prevents drowning
– Hacker devivice which prevents PES system
– Breachable Areas
– Boss Rounds
– Huge and complex map layout
– Jumping Pads
– Black Ops Mod
– Advanced Fish-Ai
– G_spawnError

1.2 Update Fixes:
-Allowed 2 people to press all of the buttons instead of 4 people (2 player EE)
-Added max ammo at the end of the generator step
-Added 5 second grace period in punch room before spawning
-Made punch room training a lot harder after 60 seconds
-Fixed an infinite gun glitch with the PES and diving
-Fixed player hack triggers not showing for the hacker
-Removed QED down all players outcome
-Added kill script to people doing pile up glitches
-Fixed G-Spawn with firesale
-Fixed speed cola/double tap glitch
-Changed claymore to now takes up fewer ents
-Added Wavegun and Zap Guns
-Added clip to fix a few pile up spots
-Added clip to fix an out of the map glitch
-Added new player quotes
-Fixed not receiving max ammo if one was picked up when a player was diving
-Fixed a glitch where zombies would teleport into the 1 inch punch room when no one was in there
-Slowed down excavator startup rate to be similar to moon (it is still faster)
-Fixed excavators staying stuck in the upright position for clients in a coop game
-Added origins robot enter sound to players entering sub
-Changed the sub enter transition to match the sound effect and to make it less likley to clip inside the sub
-Fixed various clipping issues
-Added sound effect for finishing various EE steps
-Fixed infinite points glitch
-Fixed sprinters glitching out on traversials
-Fixed tunnel 11 digger terrain patch being invisible in the corner
-Added 7 claymore limit per player
-Added new FX for entering/exiting the water
-Added 3rd person anims for dualwield weapons/crossbow/g11/ballistic knives
-Added claymore place sound
-Fixed flashing perk shaders when entering and exiting the sub

– Tom_Bmx
– YaPh1l
– Mrhankey91
– Swazzy
– aokmikey
– Hammy der gebissene
– Treminaor

Beta Testers
– P0TZ
– TheScotchGuy
– RamboBadass
– Nukem
– Fatkidslovecake
– MrSlagovich
– HitmanVere


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