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The Basics: There were two versions of Deadline released and this is actually the second version. The main differences between the two are that the buildings have been redone to look a lot better, there is less annoying tall grass and the easy-mode last stand area underground has been completely sabotaged so don’t even try to camp there anymore.

What We Like: The map looks great, especially the buildings that Bookable remade for this version. The zipline is a well placed feature and is the only thing that keeps the treehouse from being a deathtrap. Also, the mounted gun trap on the dock which consists of a small army of guns that you can purchase to defend you. There are just so many places to go and so much thought and creativity went into the design and layout that it just makes you want to keep playing.

What We Didn’t Like: There are no objectives or even a buyable ending to save up for so once you get done exploring you are either going to have to make up your own fun or play a different map. Also, there are no custom guns or any other custom features that can be added to a map to spruce it up a bit. And for those who really enjoyed the last stand area underground from the first version you will be horribly disappointed to see it “altered”.

Final Word: I have great appreciation for what this map is and that is a run and gun – hold out as long as you can and then run to the next place and hold out as long as you can – style map. But for as good as it looks it lacks much purpose past its visual appeal. Wait…did I just describe my last girlfriend?

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