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New Realism 3.0 ( so this map as well! ) requires T4M to be able to play!! Download it here if you don’t already have it:,8092.0.html
If you have the disk-version of WaW you need to google for ‘CoD WaW lanfixed.exe’ and download that to be able to use T4M!!


MEGA LINK (new link coming soon)

Intro by BluntStuffy: Finally the time has come for me to write this topic. I’ve been working on this map since i started modding basically, off-course I’ve done a lot of other stuff in between as well but this map has been in development for years! It has changed shape countless times, but i think by now I’m satisfied with it.
Fact is even if i wanted to i just cant add much more with it, this map running the New Realism mod is pushing the limits WaW can handle, and would never have been possible without T4M.

There’s a main quest/EE which is quite extensive, and allows you to finish the map. There’s also a few side-quests unlocking stuff like a song, but also an m2178 with incendiary rounds so def keep your eyes open if you want to find the good stuff!

You can fully customize the game settings from easy to insane, and turn special features on/off to play the game the way you want to! Choose between 5 different character classes (Medic, Assault, Tank, Breacher & Demolitionist), pick a starting weapon and unlock achievements to earn ways to customize your weapon and or character!
The mod features about 50 guns, and each weapon has attachments for you to unlock by getting kills with that weapon. Other features of the mod are:
-BO3 panzer soldat
-Nova Crawlers
-Special zombies ( Kamikaze and Acid )
-Supply drops ( going from just points to OP special weapons, sentry guns and guard dogs )
-Easy, Normal, Hard, Insane and Realism difficulty ( last two are unlocked by prestiging ). Realism mode has no health regeneration, and plays more like an old fashionate shooter like Doom or Quake.
-Stat tracking: The Zombie Realism Mod 3.0 keeps track of just about every stat you can think of allowing you to know exactly how you are doing at all times. Wanna know how many headshots you got this game, how many times you’ve hit the mystery box, how many explosive kills you got, perks bought, downs, revives, boss kills, and many more…we keep track of all of it for you.
-Lots of smaller features like a viewmodel ammo-counter for some guns, dual wield guns (sync fire) with 3rd person anims, 4 different grenade types, custom wall buys, bo3 style pause menu, zombies can spawn in gibbed and where WaW models allow it multiple gibbing is possible and lots, lots more!!

Known bugs/glitches: For clients the guard-dog and in-menu models have no animations. They are still functional, but will just float around. Unfortunately I’m not able to fix this : (

(pretty much the Realism Mod 3.0 credits, as i done most of the mapping work myself)

Credits for Greenhouse:
XJimmy33  –  Did a bit of mapping a long time ago, and did countless of test-runs with me
Steviewonder87  –  Also did a bit of mapping for me, and again a lot of testing/feedback
Tomikaze  –  The evil mastermind behind a lot of the gameplay mechanics in this map, i love talking through ideas and come up with new shit with you. Tom also did millions hours of testing.

MOD Credits:
Treminaor – Huge thanks for a custom version of the UGX installer! As well as scripting help in the past and the use of the UGX-style points HUD.

UGX in general
ElTitoPricus – the player models and viewhands and also responsible for doing 90% of the weapons for this mod. Huge thanks!
MAKECENTS – tons of scripting help/advice and being an awesome and helpful guy in general!
Offthewall – dual wield viewmodel-fx, dual wield Deagle’s, some scripting help and helping out with 3rd person animations.
Whippytrout – superhero model, maya/rigging help and again being an incredibly good guy and helpful person in general!
StevieWonder87 – weapons, help and ideas and allowing us to use his map Industrial Estate for the Realism Mod! Also, going through all the pain of adapting the map for us while not even being actively modding (waw) anymore. Thanks dude!
RadimaX – made the custom menu backgrounds.
CHN – made the walking animation script, and again always being willing to help out.
DUKIP – Helped with better understanding menu scripting.
DTZxPorter and Modme and it’s tools
Aiden, Ray1235 and Scobalula for the Maya 2012 tools.
Zeroy – for the good old scripting reference.

Huruman – worldspawn and vision for NUK370WN.

Tudark – acid-zombie model

Mod testers:

JiffyNoodles & Nathiri – These guys are freakin’ heroes; they have tested so many versions of this mod that I am happy they still wanna talk to me : ) Their feedback was absolutely crucial to the success of this mod.

 Mann – mod testing (lots and LOTS of map and mod testing)

Ttjay123 (helpful tester and all around good person)
Rutenguten – mod testing
PSNtoonjuice – mod testing
ZE~Skullcrusher – mod testing
Match-Maker – mod testing
MajorPwnege01 – mod testing
NateTheGreat987 – mod testing
MZslayer11 – mod testing
Conn6orsuper117 – mod testing

Hensot – Mod testing
Mxtxm – mod testing

Thanks to everyone who has been apart of the Realism Mod 3.0 and I hope that you all enjoy it and appreciate all that went into making this mod possible ~ Tomikaze

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