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Created by: CreepersAreEpic (Ping)

The Basics: Set on an alien planet players must keep the zombie-aliens from teleporting to earth and overtaking it. This is a totally unique style of gameplay for the custom zombie scene – half zombie shooter / half tower defense, but all badass!

What We Liked: A change-up in the gameplay is a breath of fresh air as the zombies are not attracted to you they only want to teleport to earth. You must defend the teleporter at all costs and since the zombies come in from different pathways this is going to get really hard really fast. There are TONS of guns from every COD except WAW, there are no dogs, the zombies have been reskinned and there are WAW and Black Ops perks including DT 2.0. There is also a buyable ending that you can work toward so you at least know that it is possible to win if you have what it takes.

What We Didn’t Like: The formula is pretty much: camp and pray that you get good guns which I think is really cool but others looking for a more cerebral experience may be left wanting more.

The Final Word: This is a really cool map idea that I hope gets explored more expanded upon in the future. You definitely want to bring friends as playing this solo will be harder than most anyone will be able to handle. I stamp this one a must play for going against the typical formula and bringing something new to the zombie table.


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