Zombie Train

Z Train1


Created by: GrantDaddy007 and his previous map was The Shack.

The Basics: What at first appears to be an old abandoned train station turns out to, in fact, be quite alive...with the undead. Can you solve the complex and intriguing mystery of the train station that will take you to safety? What do switches, bears and laptops have in common? Climb aboard, squeeze into your kid's extra small Thomas the Train T-shirt and head over to the Tidmouth Sheds from Hell to find out.

What We Like: There are two things about this map that make it so incredibly good: 1) The Easter Egg, and 2) The map layout. The easter egg is made up of standard buyable doors, laptops, teddy bears and switches that must be activated correctly in order to make your way around the train station. It is challenging but VERY fun and rewarding - the ending is GREAT, so see this map to the end at all costs. Also the layout of the map is just about perfect, there is really no open area but since it was designed so well and the spawn zones work so perfectly that once you figure out your system of running the map you'll be able to execute it every time until you are able to find the ending.

What We Didn't Like: I feel like I gotta try really hard to find even one thing I didn't like about this map. Um...it's not that pretty of a map. It really does look old and rundown, so if I had to complain about one thing that would probably be it. Not a huge deal and the current look is actually very appropriate to the theme.

Final Word: This map officially derails Killzone as my favorite train station map and if you know how much I love Killzone you will know how good this map must be. The map is a sure candidate for map of the year and is a challenging, creative, fun map with high replay value. Do not overlook this map, GrantDaddy007 created a masterpiece!