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Creator: This is the first map created by legendary map maker, JV.

The Basics: You find yourself in a Villa with really cool looking architecture and scenery. You must find a way to open up the interior as well an underground section that you need to explore. The map uses the ZCT Mod and is compatible with the Realism Mod.

What we liked: Highly detailed. This map is beautiful an is just one of those maps that you need to just stop once in a while and admire how everything looks. Also, the layout of the map is very creative and is a ton of fun to go from place to place. There are like 30 buyable debris throughout the maps that you must buy in order to progress through until the end.

What we didn’t like: The difficulty. For solo play this map is very challenging and may be too much for some people, I've only managed to progress through the map by myself with the Realism Mod.

The final word: This map is a truly great experience and one that you'll probably want to experience multiple times. A lot of time and effort went into this map and it shows bigtime. I highly recommend this map to everyone, and if you find yourself getting overwhelmed either fire up Realism or recruit some friends to play with and it will become a really great experience.

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