Zombie Ottawa


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Created by: Dark Rapture & Tom_bmx

The Basics: One of the meanest, craziest maps to even crash onto the custom zombie scene. This map is so disturbing and horrifying that it looks like a playground that Satan would be afraid to enter. The map begins by allowing you to choose a difficulty setting, which may just be a joke because even on the easiest one I was sweating profusely and my teeth were clinched so tight that I could feel them about to shatter out of my mouth; and that was before we were able to open even the first debris. Don't play this alone, whatever you do, don't play this alone!

What We Like: This map came out back 2011 but it still looks very impressive. Fire effects are everywhere and there is a tone of detail to this map. Like I said before this map looks absolutely crazy with mutilated bodies everywhere and people being showcased having died in absolutely nightmarish ways. There is also a lot of humor to this map which adds a layer of lightheartedness to it but even that feels more like the map is having fun with how brutally it's going to grind you into powder.

This map uses the ZCT Mod so expect dropping perks as well as those gold zombies that disappear and then reappear right in your face; there are also objectives to this map which are very fun. There are Pack a Punched guns in the mystery box along with a few other custom guns including 4 custom Ray Guns.

Lastly, I don't think there are any risers in this map, maybe in one outdoor area but if you are inside you won't have to worry about risers coming up through the solid floor in some stupidly impossible way.

What We Didn't Like: It's just too freakin' hard solo. I'm sure there are a couple people out there who can claim to be able to solo this map and if you're one of them then congratu-freakin'-lations, you're probably also going to die a virgin.

Final Word: Seriously though, this map is tons of fun and is extremely intense. Just a great map to grab a friend or three and be ready to go to war because its going to give you all you can handle.