Zombie Island

Zombie Island BIG





Created by: Ray1235

The Basics: This map was one of the contest entries in the ZomMods/UGX mapping contest. It starts you out on an island and then takes you through tunnels, inside broken down buildings, through lava and beyond. There is no rescue on this island, so how will you survive?

What We Like: There is custom run animations with certain guns including the starting pistol, a treacherous underground area with lava and places where you must set bombs and hack teleporters before you can use them. This map is also powered by the latest version of the UGX Mod.

What We Didn't Like: The starting area is a little slow and the map isn't as detailed as it could have been. The linear level design means you'll always know which direction to go and lacks any real exploration.

Final Word: Given the time constraints of the mapping contest this map turned out pretty well and is a fun map. To ramp up the insanity try timed gameplay or one of the other UGX game modes that are sure to give any map some additional playability.