Zombie Dubai




Creator: This map was made by ZCTxCHAOSx; his previous map was Zebba Farms.

The Basics: This map is based on a COD4 multiplayer map which takes place in Dubai. Now, this doesn't look like the modern Dubai that I drive through each day to get to work at the top floor of the Burj Khalifa; no this is a war-torn city showing lots of battle-damage with destruction all over the place. Your mission, whether you choose to accept it or not, is to find two parts to a bomb, plant the bomb and then get to the bomb shelter quickly.

What We Like: I've always been a fan of the ZCT Mod but it doesn't seem to get used by mappers anymore, so it was nice to see Chaos give us a brand new map with this great mod on it to remind people that it is still around and still a lot of fun. The city itself looks pretty good and is reasonably well detailed for being such a massive map. Also, there are TONS of buildings to go into and explore, it's one of the few maps that you can actually get lost in so you may need to play through it a few times to get the layout down. The objective is fun, albeit rather basic, and it at least gives you a reason to explore the whole map outside of just wanting to see what's behind each door.

What We Didn't Like: Since the city is designed and laid out like a multiplayer map there is lots of open space which makes it possible to run circles even in some of the hallways. This reduces the challenge quite a bit and the only time you'll ever die is if a teleporting zombie blocks your path at the worst time or you are just flat out being careless. Also, for all the work that went into the design and layout the objective is completely tacked on. You'd expect something like a 10 part objective that intentionally sends you to different parts of the map to gather parts and fix things on your quest to leave the city, but unfortunately you don't get anything like that at all. Sure, it beats an absurdly high-priced buyable ending, but it would have been nice to have a few more things to do. Also, the only way to play this map is with timed gameplay and the mapper probably did this in order to combat how EXTREMELY easy the map would be if it was round based.

Final Word:  It really is fun to explore this massive city while running and gunning with the ZCT weapon set and dropping perks.  Grab some friends and play through it a few times while trying to beat it faster than the previous time, that should prove to be a good time. In the end it just suffers from having too much room and not having enough to do.

- Tomikaze