Zombie Blut




Creator: xJimmy33, his other maps are Folter & Schmerz.

The Basics: The mapper said that there was no story for this map...but I disagree : ) You are a merry band of nazi witchdoctors disguised as soldiers and after a late night drinking game turns into witchdoctor one-upmanship you wake the next morning in a haze only to realize that you resurrected countless undead throughout the night. Can you remember enough to retrace your steps back and undo the horror that you brought into the world?

What We Like: xJimmy33 always makes maps that look good with lots of detail so that is something to look forward to for sure. There are a couple custom guns, the gun names are spelled out fully which is kinda cool, custom gun sounds. Some are cool while some sound like he made them with his mouth and then recorded them. There is other custom stuff here and there like a custom ammo counter, custom viewhands, BOII dig sites, etc but those things don't really enhance or detract from the experience for me. Also, there are 7 perks to be had as well as the PAP machine and an interesting map ending.

What We Didn't Like: The map is just like one long pathway so there will be zero exploring to do and you'll often feel like you are just walking back and forth through narrow airport hallways except with prettier scenery. There are VERY few weapons on the walls which means that when you need more ammo you will be doing TONS of backtracking which gets old really quick and makes you wonder if the mapper things that killing zombies is more fun when you are told exactly which gun to use. Also, the starting pistol is complete garbage and if you ads while you fire it, it blocks your entire screen, have fun with that.

Final Word: This map is fun for a while and is probably worth seeing through to the end if just to see the conclusion to my story : ) Bring some friends though because their company may be the only thing that you enjoy after the newness of the map wears off.


If you have any questions, comments or any of the links are broken please email me at tomikaze777@yahoo.com. Thanks : )