Zombie Assault

Assault 1


Creator: Johndoe

The Basics: Zombie Assault is a remake of the Counter Strike map called cs_assault. So, if you've been jonesin' for some Counter Strike action but also wanna mulch some zombie and for years this epic battle has been raging inside you and you feel like you're going to explode! Well, Johndoe to the rescue as he makes these two beautiful worlds collide just for you.

What We Like: This map has you making your way through a warehouse district as you kill the undead and attempt to solve the mystery that will free you from this industrial gateway to hell. You can climb on to the tops of several tall buildings which adds a dimension to the map that sets it apart from many play-it-safe, cookie cutter maps out there. You must find hidden radios and look for shootable triggers in order to advance which is actually pretty fun. The map is laid out well, plays well and looks pretty good too. Also, the UGX Mod is a great addition  as usual.

What We Didn't Like: It's one of those maps where you feel like the adventure ends too soon. Also, the ending may be a bit frustrating and may seem like a troll, but if you can just get there then let that be your victory.

Final Word: It is a simple map, with a small easter egg and it's not a very large or particularly detailed map, but it is still a lot of fun especially for a first time mapper. Johndoe did great work reconstructing an old classic, filling it with zombies and giving us a worthy offering that that knows what it is and does it well.