ZM_One Window Challenge


One Window


Creator: holty007

The Basics: Defend one window and see how many rounds you can survive. This really is one of the best challenge maps ever. I played this map a couple times with a friend and got so upset that I swore I'd never play it again. We ended up playing it 12 more times before I had to take some muscle relaxers and go to bed.

What We Like: There are so many well placed items and well executed ideas in this map it's almost a perfect setup. The PPsh is right by the window, the PAP is right by the window, the instakill is right by the window yet you will probably want/need them all in order to survive very long. There are no breaks between round so get what you need immediately or you will die. If you turn the power on riser zombies will start spawning in the room with you. Choose not to turn the power on and you won't have to worry about risers. There are 5 perks I believe, plenty of wall weapons, the mystery box, a lazer grid window trap, betties, mortars, buyable ammo, buyable instakill and the PAP machine. Should be enough to keep you alive for a while, but this map will still require some serious strategy if you wanna make it into the higher rounds.

What We Didn't Like: It's hard, the more people the better. If you're playing solo it won't be as fun and you'll have no one but yourself to blame for  your inevitable death.

Final Word: Great one room, one window, box map. Holty007 really came through on this one and made a super fun map and proved that even though he's been mapping for a long time that he's still got some left in the tank and a few tricks up his sleeve. Supposedly this is his last map, and while I hope that it's not, if he really is done then he has ended by giving us all one more fun map and a chance to make lots more great memories. Thanks holty007.


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