ZM Mars


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Created by: Darkrapture & Tom_bmx

The Basics: Trapped on the planet Mars and you must find a way to escape. Think “John Carpenters: Ghosts of Mars” except this is zombies and not martian spirits...oh, but the main difference is that this map is actually really good unlike that garbage movie.

What We Liked: This map was made 5 years ago, but still looks better than most maps that come out in 2015. Take in the detail and appreciate what the real pro's were able to do back in the day. It uses the ZCT Mod along with its difficulty mod which can ramp up the difficulty for those who seek an even greater challenge. Totally objective based so pay attention to what you are supposed to do next. There isn't much room on this map that isn't zombie infested so you're going to have to pay attention to what is around you at all times.

What We Didn't Like: The difficulty is pretty insane; even for good zombie players it's going to take everything you've got to beat this map. Playing solo? You may as well snap your own neck.

The Final Word: I'm so glad this map was made. This is a true classic gem and while it may not be the best looking map out now, it totally set the bar at the time it was released and still deserves to be recognized as great even years later. Enjoy.


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