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Creator: Holz

The Basics: You find yourself in a strange building surrounded by farmland and a large forest nearby. Off in the distance are other buildings that each house dark secrets, but above ground isn't the only place where trouble is found. The mysteries are many here so explore carefully.

What We Liked: This map is huge and feels more like a town in the woods than a simple zombie map. The starting building looks a bit strange but everything else on the map looks fantastic and feels eerie and exciting all at the same time. There are LOTS of barriers to open, tons of Black Ops weapons which can be double PAPed, there are soul chests which offer a helpful reward, 10 perks including the Wonderfizz machine, a 3 part buildable and much more. There are so many great places to explore on this map it's just so freakin' fun to open it all up and see where you are going to go next.

What We Didn't Like: Some of the training areas are a bit too wide open making it pretty easy to rack up points. Also the building you start in has some strange design choices and pretty easy camping areas that can remove the challenge almost immediately.

Final Word: I love every map that Holz has made to date. He makes maps not to be impossibly hard but to be irresistibly fun and he succeeds here once again. Take in the sights and sounds of this great map and remember to explore every new area you come across.


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