Wolf River

Wolf river 1

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Created by: ConvictioNDR

The Basics: A very dark and serious map which takes place near Wolf Mountain, Utah. Authorities have sent in a team to to investigate the area as the possible origin of the outbreak. The team was ever heard from again. You are the last hope; locate the panic bunker, gather the intel and return to base.

What We Liked: The first thing you notice is that there is no points or money system. There are no barriers, guns or perks to purchase. Anything that you are going to use for survival must simply be found through exploration; this is a pretty great concept and brings originality to the custom zombie formula. Also, map progression is controlled by the map itself as you have to survive a certain number of rounds before you can open a new area. This takes a lot of the control away from you and makes you feel vulnerable which I think is really evil and refreshing. The weapons that you can get are up to date and everything feels like it fits in the map. The map looks intimidating and like it's going to swallow you up if you don't figure it out what to do quick.

What We Didn't Like: None really

Final Thought: People are used to being able to do whatever they want, buy whatever they want and by round 10 feel invincible – this map isn't going to allow you that level of comfort. This isn't complaint, just know that this isn't your average map. ConvictioNDR goes in a direction that very few maps have gone before and it's a pretty cool map.



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