Creator: Nukem

The Basics: The second map done by Nukem after Lagops; this one is smaller and more focused. Taking place at a water purification plant you must cleanse this place of the undead before humanity gets infected by Zom-water. Armed with your iodine tablets and trusty MP40 it's time to restore clean water to school drinking fountains everywhere.

What We Like: The map is really well detailed with water spraying up from the ground and leaking out of pipes all over the place. This map really began to show that Nukem knows what he's doing when it comes to making a map look great. Only a couple decent camping spots to ensure that running and gunning will remain frantic and fast paced while still allowing you to play it the way you want to. The layout is creatively done and unlocking your way through is not always straight forward so you will need to do some searching to know where to go next. Really no wasted space on this map and that is refreshing to see.

What We Didn't Like: It just has stock weapons and guns, but that wasn't such a big deal back when this map came out. There is one camping spot in particular in the alley leading to the first box location that can be exploited so badly that it borders on map breaking, but if you really like to camp then that may be a positive instead : )

Final Word: After playing Lagops and seeing the potential that was there it was good to see Nukem really pull it altogether and make a solid map that offers the fun and replayablility to keep fans entertained for a few playthroughs at least.


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