Underground 1



Creator: The creator of this map is Erebus, this is his second map, his first one is a very fun map call GDRS.

The Basics: The map takes place in an abandoned Nazi secret weapons facility. Lots of grey cement walls, exposed pipes and metal grates are pretty much the scenery you'll be exposed to the majority of the time.

What we liked: I love maps that have you open a billion rooms and allow you to explore lots of  new areas while giving you increasingly better weapons just when you need them. This map fills that need to explore and has many well designed areas that while looking very similar in appearance to other rooms still are refreshingly unique in their layout. If you aren't careful you may get lost for a minute which adds to the feeling of this being a very large facility, but areas don't look so generic that you think you are treading the same ground over and over. There is a PAP and a buyable ending as well as some buyable ammo refills that were well placed so you don't have to retrace your steps for 5 minutes just to refill your favorite weapon.

What we didn't like: This map employs the standard WAW weapon set which I guess makes sense with this being a Nazi facility but it still doesn't change the fact that I'm tired of using them. There are no custom features and only the stock WAW perks.

The final word: Having enjoyed GDRS so much and now playing this I can safely say that I really like Erebus's map layout ideas and all the creativity he puts into them. To me, map layout is king and it is just so much fun to do all the exploring that this map has to offer. Play this map!