UGX Christmas

UGX Christmas 1


Creator: The UGX team

The Basics: As legend has it, many years ago, the UGX team formed an unholy alliance with some unspeakable force in order to gain powers to outlast all other custom zombie communities. When the force granted them their request all hell broke the North Pole! Elves mutated and became even more twisted and deformed than they originally were. Santa has disappeared and Mrs Claus roams the countryside in search of human blood! How long can you survive and what will be left of you when the end comes?

What we like: This was the first real taste of what the UGX team was capable of and it was glorious. This map was the first to have the power-up drops like points multiplier, quickfoot, Terminator and killshot. Also, this map boasted the beginning of game modes with the GunGame, Arcademode on top of the standard Classic mode. Throw in a mutant Mrs Claus and the epic looking zombie elves and you've got yourself a rowdy good time complete with Christmas decorations.

What we didn't like: Since this was a map with the sole purpose of showing off features and getting community feedback it's not really fair to judge it too harshly. I guess the map was a bit small and didn't have anything to do past survival, so there is your obligatory complaint.

Final word: This was a real turning point for the custom zombie community and led to the future release of the UGX Mod and now the recent UGX Mod V1.1 with UGX Comosea being a huge jump ahead of this map and then UGX Requiem being another jump light-years beyond that. It's good to go back once in a while and see where it all began. Merry Christmas guys!



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