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Created by: One of my favorite mappers of all time, DarkCod5.

The Basics: This map looks like you are trapped inside a giant Zeppelin and must fight off the undead from inside their own invention.

What We Liked: Honestly, the best thing about this map is the crazy death animations that many of the zombies go through before they expire, especially when they are killed on the diagonal slope in the middle of the map. It's also a map that supports the Realism Mod and is a great map for ranking up quickly.

What We Didn't Like: There is very little to unlock and really nowhere to go. I've spent more time than I'd care to admit to just looking around for doors to take me to new areas or a buyable ending, but to no avail.

Final Word: The absolutely insane death animations that the zombies go through on this map alone make it worth playing everyday for the rest of your life, but if that doesn't impress you then you should probably play something else instead.


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