TranZit Farm

Farm 1

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Creator: DuaLVII

The Basics: Dual has created a fantastic replica of the Green Run map Farm.

What We Like: For starters the map looks real good with the high detail and well placed fog and fire. There are BO, BO2 & MW2 guns on the map, 2 new bosses, a weapon leveling system that rewards you with ammo and damage increases, MW3 style claymores and much more. On top of the standard perks there is PhD and Electric Cherry. Did I mention how freakin' good this map looks, because it's totally yummy.

What We Didn't Like: I'm not a huge fan or dark or foggy maps, but I'm more forgiving because of what Dual was trying to accomplish.

Final Word: This is no doubt a labor of love and the community owes Dual a huge thank you for his hard work and dedication to this project. This is a must play for everyone.



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