Created by:  holz

Basics: Since COD Ghosts brought Aliens to the battlefield this map is designed to be a training facility for the zombies to step up their game. Looks like a map pulled right out of the middle east as there is a lot of sand, palm trees, a river running through the map and an ocean view on 2 sides. The architecture appears appropriately themed for the most part with some sand colored buildings as well as beach-side huts.

What we liked: The map layout is extremely creative especially early on as you are trying to make your way through the map. The scenery is beautiful in many places and it's easy to tell the mapper must have put a lot of thought into its design and appearance. You can't always tell what is going to be a buyable switch which makes it somewhat challenging and keeps you looking around for a while. It's a pretty large map with lots of debris to buy and I was really just excited to see what would greet me in the next area. The Black Ops perks & the UGX Mod were great additions and the weapons were well placed throughout the map.

What we didn't like: There are a few parts of the map that look unfinished as well as a few places where you can stand and the zombies won't spawn in but the rounds keep advancing. The price of the buyable ending seems unnecessarily expensive and deserved something a little more creative to end such an enjoyable experience. (I believe many of the negatives have been fixed and the current download link is the most up-to-date version)

Final Word: I never saw this map coming and was absolutely blown away. Holz clearly knows what he's doing and has a creativity to match his mapping skills. This map certainly deserves to be played at least a few times and don't forget to stop, look around and appreciate the view.