“Town” Black Ops 2

Town 1

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If you need a walkthrough of all the steps to the objectives here it is from FrankytheMonkey, accept no substitutes: 


Creator: IZaRTaX

The Basics: This is the Black Ops 2: Town remake that we have been wanting for SO long now and IZaRTaX has not only made it a reality but has made it even better.

What We Liked: It's pretty much a brick by brick remake of BO2 Town with BO2 weapons and perks all present and accounted for. The map look downright finger lickin' good from the outstanding looking buildings, the lava veins that damage you if you walk through them and the lava splashing up into the air by the PAP machine. BUT, there is also a MOB of the dead style easter egg to complete if you can figure it out. This things looks great and plays just as good.

What We Didn't Like: Getting lit on fire constantly for mistimed jumps over the lava gets old, but that's how Trollarch did it.

The Final Word: At the moment this is the definitive version of Town to play, the mapper knocked it out of the park and brought us a version of Town that will rival and in some ways surpasses the actual Black Ops 2 version. You won't be disappointed.



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