Town 23 by ZK

Town 4



Created by: ZombieKiller who also made Haus Der Untoten and Cheese Cube.

The Basics: This map is ZombieKiller's continuing story which he began in Haus Der Untoten and picks up here again in Town 23. You begin by parachuting into town and then going on a very involved quest to help either Dr Maxis or Richtofen, who will you trust?

What We Like: If you stop and think about how much effort must have gone into planning the easter egg it's really pretty amazing. ZK's love for zombies really comes out in this map as he crafts an adventure that will have you accessing secret underground passage ways, unlocking a Batcave type area filled with buttons and a usable lander, a boss zombie as well as radios and teddy bears which help tell the story of the map and add to the mystery and the list goes on and on of clever things he put in the map. There are WAW and BO perks as well as his own custom perk, Dr Dagger. There is also the PAP machine, BO weapons, custom weapons and an interesting twist on the buyable ending.

What We Didn't Like: I thought the most of the map itself was pretty ugly, but maybe ZK was going for realism with a rundown ghost town type feel to it. You'll spend every round running circles in the middle of town which gets a little boring after a while and if the story hadn't been so interesting I don't think I would have stuck around too long.

Final Word: A very good map for sure and a heck of a lot of fun if just for the easter egg alone.  There is enough to keep you busy for a long time and it's fun to hear from and run into memorable characters along the way, darn you Brad!