TMG Castle


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Created by: The fantastic mapping team over at Triple M Games.

Changes to stock zombies mode

  • Totally redone points system
  • 20 points per kill plus 10 if the kill is a headshot
  • 10 points if you assist in a kill
  • Points are capped at 1000; bigger wallets are available for purchase
  • Bleed out time has been extended to 30sec
  • FOV has been set to 75
  • tesla type damage won't take your jugg like in stock waw zombies
  • No longer able to buy ammo off the wall for upgraded weapons
  • x2 points powerup now works with nukes, bonus points, and assist points
  • Max ammo powerups refill your weapon's clips
  • Max ammo will refill bouncing betty and c4 ammo
  • Redesigned hud
  • Disabled console

Features added to stock zombies mode

  • Perks have been overhauled, and changed to Abilities [explained below]
  • Weapons have up to 3 different upgraded versions. Each being different then the last but not necessarily better then any other version
  • Upgrading an already upgraded gun will yield another upgraded variant with refilled ammo, unless there is only 1 upgrade for the weapon
  • Buying a new weapon has a chance to have a random camo applied to it
  • Added a break period between rounds which the host can press "f1" to skip
  • Added zombie counter
  • Hit markers sound and icon from mp



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