Titan Corp


Titan 1


UGX Mod Version
Created by: This map was created by Jay Ingardia aka Bamskater aka Jei9363

The Basics: Here, Jay offers up his vision of a sequel to the WAW map Der Riese. The similarities can be seen immediately by comparing the two maps starting rooms, but they don't just end there. There are switches to activate in order to open up the PAP machine and you are also give the option to take the left side route through the map or the right side route depending on which side you prefer.

What we liked: I like how balanced of a mapper that Jay is; and by that I mean that his maps are as fun to look at as they are to play and this map is no exception. Each room has it's own unique look to it so you always feel like you are progressing to somewhere new and different. He also likes to put different modes of transportation in his maps; most of which are his own creations and he has done the same here with giant vents that send you upward to the second floor of the map as well as a cart on a rail system to move you from one area to the next; this is not a gimmick either it actually works well and is very helpful in certain situations. Depending on how you open the map you can create for yourself camping areas that you should be able to hold down for a while especially with friends. In higher rounds there ends up being no easy places to camp or run circles which keeps the challenge of the map pretty high. His custom Napalm Nancies replace the standard Betties/Claymores and are fun to use with a nice fiery visual effect that does some damage over time as well. Unlike Der Riese there are no dog rounds so they won't be fetching you that free max ammo every 5 rounds; you're going to have to work a little bit harder for your ammo. He created a custom perk called Porter Punch which allows you to teleport to a random place on the map, it also makes using the teleporter cost you no money to use. While this won't bail you out if you are backed into a corner this per is still VERY fun to use. Also, there is a horrible blood-curdling scream that can be heard about every 45 seconds which is funny because it sounds like the same guy is being murdered over and over again, which, if you time it right with your own dialogue can make for some hilarious commentary.

What we didn't like: Some people may not like the stock WAW weapon set, but seeing as this is a Der Riese style map it works well in keeping with the theme. Most hallways are too narrow to navigate more than maybe one zombie so running and gunning is probably out of the question making this map not very solo friendly unless you get staminup  and run the swamp over and over again. Just like Der Riese there are no objectives and if you are hoping for a buyable ending then allow me to be the first to say, "Congratulations, there is none!"

Final Word: In a modern society when everyone who shows up is a winner and a participation award is equal to a 1st prize ribbon this map will be sure to hurt your feelings by reminding you that death is imminent; but cheer up its going to be a lot of fun until then, unless you die on round 1 then it won't be any fun at all. This map is fun for a while especially if you love Der Riese and want to play someone else's take on the formula, however, not having any objective may reduce it's replayability for most people once the nostalgia wears off.


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