The Morgue V1.1.1

Morgue large

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Mapping by: Tudark & Scripting by: MakeCents

The Basics: Morgues are just downright creepy places to begin with, but when you mix in fantastic mapping skills, blood, bodies parts and other creepy sights and sounds what you get is a map that you don't want to play alone. I might have peed my pants playing it solo, but I will neither confirm nor deny this.

What We Liked: This was Tudark's first map and holy crap does it look good. While it is a dirty morgue that has been smashed up and damaged it still has a visual appeal and high level of detail that makes you enjoy being there rather than feeling like you need to take a shower. There are Black Ops & Black Ops II guns in the map as well as BO perks, breakable walls, Custom FX, creepy sounds, evil mannequins and a unique easter egg that leads to a crazy end game.

What We Didn't Like: Jug, Speed Cola & Double Tap are blocked off and you must find 3 of each perk bottle in order to gain access to them. This means you are going to have to open a lot of doors and do quite a bit of searching before you can gain the basic perks you use for survival – not my favorite feature.

Final Word: If morgues, dead bodies, whispering mannequins & bodies that are chopped to pieces makes you uncomfortable then you should probably not play, you should still play this map. It is great for when you are ready for a good long game of zombies with your buddies on a Friday night. It'll take a while to finish especially if you've never played it before, but it will be great fun while you're playing.


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