Taco Bell

Taco bell 1

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Created by: Blink-420 (I've been kidnapped by Spiderbite and am chained up in his basement, someone help me please. God no! Here he comes again.)

The Basics: You've been dieting for SO long now and it's time to have a cheat meal. What better way to celebrate a new healthier you than by giving yourself cancer by eating at Taco Bell. Purchasing this budget banquet won't take much from your wallet but it will deplete your body of all its precious life sustaining resources as you spend the next 6 hours on the can.

What We Liked: Playing solo it was a challenge just getting out of the starting area, I'd recommend buying the Thompson off the wall as soon as you can. Once outside it's smooth sailing and watching 10 zombies all pouring off the top of a nearby building was pretty cool. If you stand underneath them and shoot straight up as a round starts you can experience the glorious bloody waterfall complete with internal organs and chunks of bone. Oh, I'm so hungry for that Volcano Burrito with extra Lava Sauce. Black Ops guns with custom names and skins, BO perks and the PAP machine.

What We Didn't Like: Taco Bell.

Final Word: If you've made it this far then you must have a cast-iron stomach and a flame retardant sphincter...in which case - CONGRATULATIONS! You have beaten the map!



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