Swamp of the Doomed Ones


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Mapper: HitmanVere

The Basics: Somewhere in a swampy area of Japan you are left to defend yourself from a plague that has swept through killing and reanimating everyone in its path. Armed with high level weapon proficiency and some magical teleporters you must find a way to escape this swamp before you become its latest mutated victim.

What We Liked: The layout is really well done with narrow walkways and challenging terrain at every turn, not many places are going to feel safe here. The underground area looks totally inspired by the Treyarch map Buried and looks really impressive. Also, the objectives were very well thought out and will provide a reasonable challenge as you try to survive long enough to see the end. There are 8 perks, Five style teleporters, PAP machine, a few Black Ops guns & a buyable ending.

What We Didn't Like: There are places around the map that you can get hung up on as you are running around which can mean instant death with all the narrow areas to run through. Also, when teleporting around the map sometimes you'll find the zombies just standing around waiting for you to give them a face full of lead.

Final Word: Considering this was the mapper's first map it looks and plays light-years ahead of most peoples first maps. With the great objective and frantic teleportation this map is freakin' fun as heck and certainly deserves at least a few playthroughs.



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