Super Mario 64

Mario 1

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Mappers: Vinnyz500

The Basics: Super Mario 64 + custom zombies = harmless, colorful carnage your mommy & daddy may even be ok with.

What We Liked: With textures and models ripped straight from Super Mario 64 you actually play as Mario & Luigi and it looks hilarious to see these guys running around shooting zombies. Peaches Castle looks very well done and you really do feel like you are in Mario 64 with zombies. There is also a Bowser zombie that spawns each round with a beefed up amount of health. Even the grenades you throw look like little Bob-ombs. There is a good variety of WAW, BO1 & BO2 guns and perks to help you out. There are collectables and a buyable ending as well.

What We Didn't Like: Since so much was ripped from Mario 64 it looks old with some stretched textures.

Final Word: If you have ever wanted to kill zombies in the Mario universe now's your chance. It's not the greatest map, but it is the greatest custom zombie Mario map.



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