Sumpf 1


Creator: The mapper is xJimmy33 and the scripter for the map is BluntStuffy

The Basics: When you are a child you have nightmares where you're out in the middle of nowhere, all alone and your greatest fears come to life; but thankfully you wakeup before you're violently murdered by a thousand twisted spawn of hell as they peel the skin off your body while you're still alive. This map is the same as that except you won't be able to wake up; welcome to Zombie Sumpf!

What We Like: As with all of xJimmy33's maps the visuals are great. He uses deep rich colors in places that make things like the squirting zombie blood and dismemberment really standout while you giggle like a schoolgirl. The atmosphere of the map is creepy with the perfect amount of fog to never allow you to see too far but not enough to be a distraction either. Watching a trail of glowing zombie eyes moving toward you in the distance is very cool. The map layout is pretty well done, but what makes it so successful is the scripting. There are things in this map that I've never seen before, such as, during certain events if you shoot the zombies they transform into a different type of zombie before your very eyes which is completely mind-blowing and you might just die from standing there being in awe of what you just witnessed. The objectives are familiar but executed in a completely unique way; you just have to see it to understand. There are also some custom guns, zombie models, boss zombies, the PAP machine and much more.

What We Didn't Like: There are only the 4 original perks plus the additional of Mule Kick which is a bit surprising as perks are a big deal to modern zombie players so I thought there would be more. Also, there isn't much room on this map and very few training spots, which means that you'd better be a pretty freaking good zombie player or else play with people who won't mind scooping your remains up out of the dirt every 2 minutes. Once the Panzer Soldats show up things go from hard to fist-through-your-monitor insane. Using Wonderweapons against them actually charge their health and make them impossible to take down; also if they grapple a zombie and pull him in that will also charge their health. Yea, I really could have done without super tank zombies with endless life regeneration, but oh well.

Final Word: The map offers up some seriously great surprises throughout and the quality of the map  experience is top-shelf. The difficulty on this map is just too much for me even after playing countless times with 3 other seasoned zombie veterans. Still, xJimmy33 and BluntStuffy make a great team and are a force to be reckoned with.  Here's hoping that Jimmy and Blunt make more maps together; because in a world where many mappers can't seem to tap into what really makes a map fun, these guys nailed it with Zombie Sumpf.


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