Subway Christmas

Subway 1


Creator: No clue.

The Basics: I think this was like one of the first custom zombie maps ever made, so…well it’s a subway. Oh heck, here goes - A blast from the past as one of the first custom zombie maps ever blows up with Christmas cheer. Trapped in an underground subway system with zombies breaking through at every turn can; you can see daylight but can you get to higher ground and find some better weapons? Or will this Christmas be your last?

What we like: The nostalgia of playing one of the first maps ever made. The Christmas lights. There are some halfway decent camping spots and a few places to train so you definitely have you choice of play style to work with.

What we didn’t like: The map is like 4 years old and doesn't have any modern features with only stock WAW guns and no perks. There aren't any objectives either unless you count finding the mystery box, in which case, oh boy, you are in luck!

Final word: This one is a trip down memory lane wrapped in a Christmas bow and that’s about it. Doesn’t have much going for it but after about round 15 it’ll start picking up; so grab some buddies, throw back some cider and see where this thing goes.


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