Streets 101



Creator: Don't know.

The Basics: You begin inside a rundown building and you must buy your way out into the street which seems to be the focus of the map. There are quite a few barriers to unlock  in order to find a bunch of death cards scattered throughout the map, I think it's 16 cards total. Once you find all the cards the buyable ending opens up for you. This map uses the ZCT Mod which was a really great choice.

What we liked: There are so many cool places to go on this map. Some areas you can run upstairs and jump out windows there are cool places to camp with your friends and even a place to train if that is your thing. The map really lets you play the way you want to but most places are tight enough to never allow you to feel too safe. Also, the easter egg to find all the cards is really well done and a lot of fun.

What we didn’t like: This is one of those map where you really need to pull the Lazer Colt from the box in order to give yourself much of a chance, especially if you are playing solo. Between all the barriers that you have to buy and the death cards themselves you are going to need some serious money and the fastest way to get that is to get your Lazer on.

The final word: I freaking love this map and I don't mind that one of my gun slots is going to be reserved for the Lazer Colt every time I play. There is so much to do and so many creative places to go that you can play this map through quite a few times and have a little different experience each time you play.



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