SS Mansion

Verruckt 1


Creator: Gbomb

The Basics: Welcome to the Christmas version of Verruckt Mansion. Gbomb may have been sitting around with Radient open, perhaps knocking back a few glasses of eggnog getting himself all full of the holiday spirit, and then, all of a sudden mapping met merriment and BAM! we get SS Mansion – a less difficult version of his map Verruck Mansion which is all decorated in colorful Christmas lights so that you feel all warm and friendly moments before zombies eat through your chest cavity! Oh look at me, here I am getting all sappy; Merry Christmas friends!

What We Like: Since I mainly play zombies solo Verruckt Mansion was a hard map for me to get going on because there are quite a few doors to buy before you got to any decent weapons. Gbomb changes things up here by giving you a completely new starting area and quite a bit of room to train up the zombies before actually having to go into the mansion itself. Once you are inside the mansion though, there are no training areas so you'd better be confident that you can survive with the guns you have. I absolutely love how your have to work your way through this map, the way it is laid out is so much fun. You end up taking this twisty-turny route through the mansion leaving you wondering where the heck you are going to go next.

What We Didn't Like:  If you’re complaining about this map then you should probably just place your thumbs firmly against your eyeballs and force them out the back of your head because you are a loser! The map’s old and “features” didn’t exist back then. *(grumble) Bah humbug, ungrateful little spoiled brats (grumble)*

Final Word: This mansion feels like a creepy old house that tells a terrifying story without saying a word. It's a great map to kick back with your friends, have some great conversation and slay some zombies and given the Christmas theme there is no better time to fire up this true custom zombie classic!


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