SpongeBob 2

Spongbob Medium

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Creator: Vinnyz500

The Basics: From what I gathered, chicken fried zombie monsters abducted all of Spongebob's friends and it's up to you mighty Bob of the Sponge to rescue them and slay the evil Dragon Wizard once and for all...ok, I don't think any of that is true but it does sound fun, right?

What We Liked: This map looks straight from the Spongebob cartoon and is just plain fun to look at. It's got BO2 guns, the zombie shield, teleporters, a buyable ending and more.

What We Didn't Like: Man I can't stand parkour on zombie maps and this has some pretty tricky stuff in it, fortunately it's more forgiving than other maps...I'm looking at you Neighborhood.

Final Word: The best Spongebob map on the scene right now and finally one that YAW wasn't able to keep from being released to the public – a surprise turn of events.


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