Snowy Ornament


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If you need a walkthrough of all the steps to the objectives here it is from FrankytheMonkey, accept no substitutes: 

Mappers: HitmanVere & Ege115

Setting: Snowy Ornament is a Christmas themed map which looks to take place in a small section of town perhaps called "Santa-Ware" judging by the name that pops up on the screen as the map loads up. The surroundings look properly destroyed enough to make you realize some stuff went down here and only murder to the power of Santa can fix this.

Pros: The map looks pretty good and the layout is done up nicely too with lots to open and areas to explore. The Christmas themed objectives are a lot of fun and not too hard so that it'll make you rage, but it will still take some thinking to figure out. It's got the UGX-Mod on it but many of the weapons have been changed out for newer guns which is a lot of fun to see. There is a custom candy-cane trap for those who want to go to triple digit high rounds and there are Black Ops perks including Electric Cherry. If you've never played the map before then you may get nervous how long it takes to find power, but once you do everything really flows from then on so don't stress. There is a really good camping area which will make itself obvious not to far into the map for those who enjoy some campin' with their zombie slaying. Lastly, the sleigh-ride ending is awesome, so don't miss out!

Cons: There are a lot of white, gray & brown colors working here on this map, so if you have to kill zombies in a rainbow colored paradise then you may find this one lacking, but other than that this map is darn good.

Conclusion: This map was made for the You Always Win Christmas Map Contest and placed pretty high. It's a fantastic effort for being made in 2 months and is just flat out fun. Do it solo or grab a friend it's going to be a good time either way; certainly a good one to play every year around the holiday season.


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