Simpsons 1

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Creator: holty007

The Basics: This is the one and only Simpsons custom zombie map. Now, holty007 doesn't make the best looking maps around but he makes maps that are fun; if you don't believe me check out his map One Window Challenge & ZM Camping and you will understand what I mean.

What We Like: You get to explore a small section of the Simpsons universe and really the best parts - the Simpson's house and Moe's Tavern - where else would you want to go? There are a few perks, the PAP machine and a buyable PPSH on the wall as well as the Flogger, so go crazy and live it up inside a little piece of Simpson's heaven and don't forget about the buyable ending.

What We Didn't Like: It's a pretty basic map and since it is a couple years old it may not hold your attention as long as some of the newer maps with their new bells and whistles and modern features.

Final Word:  This is like the only Simpsons map out there and it's a classic so get your friends together and quote memorable Simpsons lines as your blast your way through hordes of zombies which have been skinned in Homer's white shirt and blue pants.


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