Realism Mod V2.2


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Created by: [HOG] Rampage (Pretty sure other people helped as well too)

What is it: This mod allows you to play certain classic old school zombie maps and level up your character to unlock new weapons, perks and helpful supplies. We all love leveling up a character and feeling him get more powerful as new guns and items become available, so now is your chance to do just this.

Character Classes: Choose a character class out of: Support, Engineer, Soldier or Medic and experience each of their unique abilities as you play. 

But is my progress saved when I quit a game? Yes! With the Realism Mod all of your progress, weapon unlocks, experience you've generated all get saved to your hard drive automatically so that you can continue playing your character later right where you left off.

How does it work? Download the Realism Mod from the link above and install it just like you would a normal map. Open WAW and launch the Realism Mod just like you would a normal map and that should take you to a custom made Realism screen. From there you drop the console down and type: /map nazi_zombie_berlinbank (or whatever the map is that you are trying to play). This will take you to a screen that allows you to choose your character class and then you are set.

Which maps work on Realism? 


* nazi_zombie_afterwar_mw
* nazi_zombie_anzio
* nazi_zombie_cimetiere
* nazi_zombie_cor
* nazi_zombie_demise
* nazi_zombie_doom
* nazi_zombie_fruchurch
* nazi_zombie_frumansion
* nazi_zombie_fruxtreme
* nazi_zombie_gould
* nazi_zombie_hm
* nazi_zombie_labo
* nazi_zombie_rage
* nazi_zombie_subway
* nazi_zombie_the_river
* nazi_zombie_tun
* nazi_zombie_western


* chemplant_elite_v2.01
* dead_sand_elite
* nazi_zombie_berlinbank_v2
* nazi_zombie_bonzai
* nazi_zombie_const
* nazi_zombie_corrosion
* nazi_zombie_hq
* nazi_zombie_killzone revisited v1.1
* nazi_zombie_rage2_v2
* nazi_zombie_ufso
* nuclear_silo
* simpsons


* nazi_zombie_abandon
* nazi_zombie_col
* nazi_zombie_creek
* nazi_zombie_dawn2
* nazi_zombie_doom3x
* nazi_zombie_op4


* nazi_zombie_aitest
* nazi_zombie_bar
* nazi_zombie_corrosion
* nazi_zombie_frurathaus
* nazi_zombie_higher
* nazi_zombie_island
* nazi_zombie_sb
* nazi_zombie_villa2
* nazi_zombie_zct_bsmnt
* nazi_zombie_zct_bunker
* nazi_zombie_zct_castle
* nazi_zombie_zct_dhouse
* nazi_zombie_zct_dshack
* nazi_zombie_zenith
* Zombie_Rich

For additional help check out this YouTube video:



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