Realism Mod 3.0 – Standalone









Must have T4M installed.



The Realism Mod 3.0 adds rpg-like elements to your much loved zombie-mode, leveling up your character and weapons to earn new abilities and attachments are the core of this mod. There's a ton of other features included as well though, like a PanzerSoldat, JuggerNauts, Nova Crawlers, Special zombies and Supply Drops/Care Packages for example!
You can create a new map, of apply it to an existing map. As long as you have access to the .map file you can add this mod ( yes some changes in radiant are needed, so unfortunately this mod will not work on the stock WaW zombie-maps! ).

Heavily based on and inspired by the 'Realism Mod' made by HogRampage back in the days, me and BluntStuffy came up with a recreation of this awesome mod. We hope we did it justice, we certainly gave it all we got!

What's included in the Mod?
-All character / weapon progress and unlocks mentioned below are saved in between games, and also transferred between maps that use the Realism Mod. Even if you play another map, you can simply continue leveling up your character and weapons where you left off!
(Make sure to use the Installation-Creator included in the download to properly pack your map for use with the Realism Mod! )

-Class system, players can choose from 5 classes at the start of a match ( Medic, Tank, Assault, Breacher and Demolitionist ). Each class has it's own specific benfits and it's own 'skill tree' ( perks will unlock in a different order, and have different prices. Also some perks are exclusive to a class, giving it unique benefits ).
Some special 'perks' are: Phantom ( teleport to a random location ), Self Defense ( stun the first zombie that hits you ) or the ability to use a special ammo-type ( freeze-ammo, acid-ammo, or shotguns with extra impact-force )

-XP and level-up system, players can level up their characters to get access to new perks. An extra perk-slot or extra weapon-attachment slot. There's 50 levels, and on top of that 10 prestige levels. Prestiging will earn you Double-XP time to get past those low-levels faster, and will also unlock new game-modes and new-weapons for the mystery box!

-Weapon rank-up system, getting kills and headshots with a weapon will unlock attachments for it. From laser-sight, fast-mag, extended-mag, rapid-fire to dual-wield and sight/scope attachments. All statistics for each weapon can be viewed in the pause or main-menu, things like kills, headshots, times upgraded and which attachments are unlocked/available are all tracked and saved!

-A lot of features included to spice up your gameplay! Things like:
  > BO3 PanzerSoldat
  > MW2 Juggernauts ( a melee and a mingun version )
  > Nova Crawlers
  > Special zombies ( vomitting and exploding zombies )
  > 'care package' drops, ranging from ( but not limited to ) points or double XP to a sentry-gun, a guard dog or one of the 10+ overpowered special-weapons!

-Players can fully customize each game they play. By default they have Easy, Normal and Hard difficulty available. By leveling up they can unlock an Insane and a Realism mode ( last one has no health regen, but health pickups like 'old fashioned' shooters had a lot ). Besides that they can enable/disable features like the Panzersoldat / Nova Crawlers / Special zombies etc to their liking, to play the game the way they prefer!

-over 13 special achievements for you to unlock, with awards like weapon-camos / character customisation or even a little help ingame. These are for the die-hard zombie players, and wont come too easy!

-All weapons are replaced, for a full list check the spoiler. Some special ones:
  > Drop-Kick. Sprint and hold down the use-button to preform a drop-kick and let those zombies have a taste of your feet!
  > Different grenade types to unlock. ( impact, energy, shatter ). The demo-class has a wrist-mounted launcher with unique abilities
  > Gersch Device
  > Limbo LZ-52 ( AW ) fire a horizontal line of pure mayhem, allowing you to dismember or take out big-groups of them zombies!
  > Ray Gun MK2 ( BO2 ) with bullet penetration and 'proper' impact FX
  > Rorsch Railgun
  > Cel3 Cauterizer ( AW ) energy-shotgun that can be dual-wielded when leveled up!
  > M.2187 ( IW ) an incendiary version of this remastered shotgun. This will rip and burn them up at the same time!

  Besides that some weapons have unique features. The an-94 fires the first 4 bullets of a burst faster, if you hold down the trigger for the Cel3 after a few shots the fire-rate will increase, for the OHM you can buy a targetfinder-attachment to fully utilize it's bullet-penetration, and some weapons have working ammo-displays on them for example.

-Unique custom wall-buys.

-Custom Powerups. Random-weapon, Killing Time ( freeze time for 15sec, each zombie you damage will die when the time is over ), and Points Lock ( 'negative powerup' you temporarily don't earn any points )


MOD Credits:

BluntStuffy - the creator of the Realism Mod 3.0 who spent countless hours making it; on top of that he had to listen to me brainstorm ideas endlessly - he deserves a purple heart. There is nothing that Blunt can't do. He's a zombie modding god of the rarest kind and a hell of a friend; I'm lucky to know him.
Treminaor – Huge thanks for a custom version of the UGX installer! As well as scripting help in the past and the use of the UGX-style points HUD.

UGX in general

ElTitoPricus – the player models and viewhands and also responsible for doing 90% of the weapons for this mod. Huge thanks!

MAKECENTS – tons of scripting help/advice and being an awesome and helpful guy in general!

Offthewall – dual wield viewmodel-fx, dual wield Deagle's, some scripting help and helping out with 3rd person animations.

Whippytrout – superhero model, maya/rigging help and again being an incredibly good guy and helpful person in general!

StevieWonder87 – weapons, help and ideas and allowing us to use his map Industrial Estate for the Realism Mod!

RadimaX – made the custom menu backgrounds.

CHN – made the walking animation script, and again always being willing to help out.

DUKIP – Helped with better understanding menu scripting.

DTZxPorter and Modme and it's tools

Aiden, Ray1235 and Scobalula for the Maya 2012 tools.

Zeroy – for the good old scripting reference.

Tudark – acid-zombie model

Mod testers:

JiffyNoodles & Nathiri – These guys are freakin’ heroes; they have tested so many versions of this mod that I am happy they still wanna talk to me : ) Their feedback was absolutely crucial to the success of this mod.

Rutenguten – mod testing

PSNtoonjuice – mod testing

ZE~Skullcrusher – mod testing

Match-Maker – mod testing

Mann – mod testing

MajorPwnege01 – mod testing

NateTheGreat987 – mod testing

MZslayer11 – mod testing

Conn6orsuper117 – mod testing

Hensot – Mod testing

Mxtxm – mod testing

TTjay123 - mod testing