Rag 1

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If you need a walkthrough of all the steps to the objectives here it is from FrankytheMonkey, accept no substitutes: 

Created by: HexZombies and AwesomePieMan

The Basics: Um...just skip down to the next section.

What We Liked: Time travel, zombies, horrifying monsters, badass guns and creative, smart gameplay. The map starts of at a good slow pace giving players a few rounds to chat it up and plan a strategy before hell starts vomiting its worst monsters onto earth to bring you to your knees. This map just feels good to play with a great variety of guns from BO1, BO2 & BO3. There is a new custom perk with has an amazingly cool effect, there are elemental sword quests, Five style teleporters and PAP, Gravity Spikes and much more. There is a fantastic long challenging objective that helps tell the story of Ragnarok and gives players a greater purpose past slaying hordes of the undead.

What We Didn't Like: The bosses can feel unfair but I hear that there is a unique strategy to take down each of them which may be more successful than crying and shooting your M1911 at them while begging them to give you quick death.

The Final Word: Lastly, the challenge on this map is real and if you know anything about Hex & PieMan you know they like to push the boundaries between hard and punch-a-hole-through-your-monitor. Just bring more friends and don't give up because maps this good don't come out very often. If this is the last map that we remember from the WAW custom zombie era then I think we ended on a very high note. Thank you Hex and Pieman.