Quizz V2




Created by: Quizz

The Basics: This map was inspired either by the movie Tron or by one of those psychedelic neon posters that drug addicts have in their rooms next to their Pink Floyd catalog and Jerry Garcia brand blotter paper. Or maybe Pink Floyd rode their Unicorn named Jerry Garcia into the future, played this map and returned back in time to...to um...I forgot where I was going with that. The point it is it's a really funky stone groove smash hit wonder, man!

What we liked: The map has a great design to it that, at first, seems like a box map but the farther you get into it you realize that there's so much more to it, as it takes you through a series of paths and passageways upward toward your final goal. The map is opened up by a combination of buyable debris and by shooting/activating different colored buttons all over the map. This proves to be quite fun and challenging as some of the switches can only be activated by using a high powered sniper rifle. The custom guns and weapon skins are absolutely great, as are the Quizz-nades and ubernades with their crazy looking effects. The drops, mystery box and power switch both have custom textures on them and the wall weapons spin in place in or by a wall instead of utilizing the typical chalk outline. This map also has the PAP machine in it that will make your custom guns even more awesome-er!

What we didn't like: This map is pretty freakin' hard. With one person it's probably just going to be frustrating, but even with friends it'll be very difficult. The dog rounds early on are enough to make you wanna rage quit your fist through your monitor. With risers everywhere on the floor it makes running circles suicide and are sure to make even the best train runners get tripped up.

Final Word: The map itself has a very unique look to it with all of the neon lights and its creative design. It can also be a tremendous amount of fun if you can be patient and have some friends to play with. Utilize the wall weapons and save your money especially early on and find good places to camp and with enough trial and error you too will solve the conundrum of the mapper turned map.