Purple Dimension

purple 5

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Creator: bwc6693

The Basics: Have you ever wanted to play a purple map? No, I mean an ALL purple map from beyond the stars? One that wraps you in its purpleness, shoves purple down your throat and purples you until you are so purple that you can hardly purple? Yea, that's about the gist of it.

What We Liked: Despite my critical video review this map has tons of creativity it the layout and theme. It's totally insane and sucks you into a world unlike anything you have ever seen. It looks like an entire world of floating buildings and destroyed landscape as far as the eye can see. Since you've never played something like this before it's hard to know what to expect and that is a real strength for this map. Either the mapper knew exactly what he was doing OR he was off his meds; either way it's pretty freakin' cool.

What We Didn't Like: Unless it has been patched the wonder weapon can crash the map which sucks because it's a really cool gun. Also, the maze that is in this map is nothing short of a health hazard so be careful. If you are prone to seizures beware.

Final Word: A truly original map that is sure to have you just staring at all the crazy stuff that the mapper included in the map, so don't get too distracted by the visuals that you become lunch for the undead. Play with friends so that you can make jokes and don't forget to have a good time.



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