Prison Mission v1.1 by ZK



Creator: ZK (ZOMB1E-KLLR) His other maps are Town 23 & Haus der Untoten

The Basics: This map takes place in the prison facility from The Walking Dead universe and chronologically follows the events of Mob of the Dead and ignores Buried and beyond. The map begins with a brief introduction by two characters; Obadiah Robertson on behalf of Dr Maxis and Luther on behalf of Richtofen. Both are trying to persuade you to play out their side of the easter egg. Think you've done something like this before? Not in custom zombies you haven't.

What We Like: If you can complete this map without assistance then you are made up of something much grander than mere human DNA. For the rest us, never fear, there is still a lot to be enjoyed here. This map has, by far, the closest thing to a Black Ops II easter egg to date and packs more features into this experience then the next 10 most involved custom zombie maps combined. The two sided easter egg is a beast and will require an extreme amount of time, patience and luck in order to complete. Some of the other features that this map boasts outside of the main easter egg are: entertaining and often humorous side quests, custom posters with some being interactive, audio logs, hidden songs, humorous documents scattered throughout the map for you to find and read, journals which fill you in on more of the story, effective jump scares, an underground prison tunnel system that can actually trap you, tons of custom dialogue and there is no doubt more that I am forgetting. The map looks pretty good too considering it's supposed to be a nasty dirty prison overrun by the undead. Also, there are TONS of custom guns including PAPed versions and a total of 14 perks.

What We Didn't Like: (Follow me as I think out loud and then draw your own conclusion) It's one thing when a map has you killing zombies in order to purchase parts for a buildable or to buy your way through a map by unlocking barriers and debris, but it's entirely something else when a map makes killing zombies the very least important thing to do on the map. Like most Black Ops II easter eggs, on Prison Mission you'll spend much, much more time searching for hidden items, deciphering codes and reading pages for clues on how to progress then you will actually spend killing zombies and that does bother me a bit. Because, unless you are among the most obsessive easter egg hunters you won't figure out this map without help and I don't know if that is necessarily a good thing. Sure, after watching some iNsanely-Godlike-youTubers spend a week straight playing the map then you too can show off how good of a player you are, but if that's what it takes then it begs the question; who was this map really made for?

Final Word:  For being a prison filled with the undead it really feels quite alive with all that there is to do and you're bound to stumble across plenty of things that make you laugh or scream just running around this place. Yea, completing the EE is going to be extremely tough, but that was the intention of the map maker, to make an EE that would rival a BO2 zombie map experience and trigger in you every one of the emotions you felt while completing a Treyarch EE in the process; good, bad or otherwise. ZK and company have done an outstanding job raising the bar for a new generation of maps and mappers.


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