Pistol Defense V1.0

Pistol 1

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Creator: tannnnnaiirrr

The Basics: Set on a tropical island you find yourself trapped inside a bunker that you must survive before being teleported to another bunker. It reminds me a lot of the classic custom zombie map named “Forts” but this one is just pistols only.

What We Liked: This is a really fun challenge map that is pistols only, so those who need to freshen up on their sidearms have come to the right place. The pacing is good and the challenge ramps up pretty quick so don't screw around too long. Hit the mystery box, Pap some guns and find the way to escape before it's too late.

What We Didn't Like: It would have been nice to have other guns outside of pistols but it's a small complaint really, after all it is called “Pistol Defense”.

Final Word: There are LOTS of pistols from all the COD games and some of them have badass Pap versions. Also keep your eyes open for the Death Machine.



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